The skating and classic techniques

Cross-country skiing in all of its many facets

Take a close look at what is happening on the pistes: some skiers keep their skis parallel letting them slide along in stunning white tracks. They are devotees of the so-called classic technique. Others move along the smooth ski trail created by the grooming machine with the skis at an angle, with this technique being known as skate skiing or skating. The classic technique is similar to walking and is more accessible to beginners. Skiers move forward at walking pace, while skating requires a good sense of balance and more power, especially when faced with an uphill stretch. However, skiers quickly get the hang of skate skiing, meaning that they pick up speed and enjoy the experience.

Learning to enjoy

To ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe experience right from the outset, nothing beats learning a few basic techniques with an instructor. The sheer pleasure of the sport definitely needs to be learned.
Some resorts boast ski schools and deliver classes. Children indulge in the pleasures of winter sports: jumping over moguls, going through poles, slaloming, straight running downhill or going uphill using the herringbone technique, under the watchful eye of the instructor.
Once out on the slopes, you will quickly feel the sheer joy of being alive...