Dog sled rides

It's time for an adventure!

The famous dog sled teams are the heirs and successors of the deep understanding between man and his oldest companion. Dog sled rides are now accessible to all.
Armed with their long experience and passion, professional mushers invite you to experience this exhilarating discipline for the first time or learn more advanced techniques. Do you fancy just going for a ride or do you want to challenge yourself in a shared endeavour with the dogs? A dog sled ride is both original and natural and enables you to see the protected environment of the Nordic areas in a new light. Many Nordic areas offer special tracks and routes. Clubs arrange numerous races throughout the winter months.

Have you heard of Pulka?

The pulka is a toboggan or sled harnessed to one, two or three dogs. An elastic cord is used to attach a cross-country skier to the dogs and sled, meaning that you follow the dogs on your skis!