Activités nordiques

The skating and classic techniques

Take a close look at what is happening on the pistes: some skiers keep their skis parallel letting them slide along in stunning white tracks. They are devotees of the so-called classic technique.

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Nordic walking

Nordic walking is actually how Nordic skiing started out, with modern-day cross country skiing being a specialisation that emerged when the slopes started being damaged! Nordic walking involves using a ski with a wide base for stability, with incisions, scales and grip wax.

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Snow shoeing

Snow shoes were originally used by trappers in the Far North and today are still the ideal equipment for exploring snowy areas, forests and mountains. Whatever the terrain and snow conditions, snow shoes enable you to move along hassle-free and make all kinds of walks possible.

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Dog sled rides

The famous dog sled teams are the heirs and successors of the deep understanding between man and his oldest companion. Dog sled rides are now accessible to all.

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Winter sports biathlon

The biathlon is a winter sport comprising two disciplines - cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The sport has its origins in countries such as Sweden and Norway, where soldiers would move around and do shooting exercises wearing skis.

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